“The science classes I took at Black Hawk were a real challenge. My instructors pushed me, and I’m glad they did. I have been accepted to medical school, and I’m excited about my future.”

University of Illinois College of Medicine


自然科学 & 工程

开始你的科学专业 bbin信誉网站

The 自然科学 and 工程 部门 offers a variety of science courses that will satisfy the first two years of study at many four-year institutions. 不管你关注的领域是什么, faculty and advisors work with you to create a transfer plan to the school of your choice.


BHC students transfer into many science majors to complete a bachelor’s degree. Here are a few sample transfer plans:

Pre-Dietetics /营养(PDF)
Pre-Medicine (PDF)
Pre-Pharmacy (PDF)


If you already have a transfer school in mind, your advisor will customize a transfer plan for that college or university. BHC also has many transfer guides and agreements already established with four-year institutions in a variety of majors.

Transfer Guides and Agreements »



学生 taking courses in the 自然科学 and 工程 部门 go on to careers in many fields, 比如农业, 动物科学, 工程, 卫生行政, 医学, 分子遗传学, 护理, 脊椎按摩疗法, 药店, 物理治疗, physician assistant and veterinary 医学.


State-of-the-art laboratory facilities offer hands-on learning in chemistry, 工程 and biology.

  • Specialized laboratory spaces and equipment.
  • Grow room and outdoor learning spaces.
  • 化学分析仪器.
  • 分子生物学设备.
  • Science 资源 Lab with microscopes, 模型, computers and tutoring available from faculty members.


除了化学, 生物学和物理学, we offer elective courses in nutrition or astronomy that can fulfill degree requirements.


students in stream inspect animals教师 serve as advisors for science-related clubs, which offer students opportunities for field trip and campus events.

  • Clean Sphere Environmental Club – 这些城市的校园
  • 科学派俱乐部-东校区
  • Phi Theta Kappa荣誉协会


  • 自然科学 & 工程奖学金: This scholarship was established by faculty in the bbin信誉网站 自然科学 and 工程 部门 for science and 工程 students. The scholarship is administered through the bbin信誉网站 Foundation.
  • BHC校长奖学金: In-district high school seniors in the top 10% of their graduating class at the end of seven semesters are eligible for the bbin信誉网站 Presidential Scholars 奖.
  • Other BHC scholarship opportunities can be found at the BHC奖学金页面.
  • Transfer scholarships are also available at many transfer institutions.


学生 may participate in research projects on both the 东校区 and 这些城市的校园. Previous projects have included surveying pollinators in a nearby state forest, biological and physical sampling of a campus stream, and molecular analysis of local flora and fauna for conservation studies.


作为一个 学习助理 you’ll have a great opportunity to experience college level instruction from the front of the classroom!

Request a 部门 Review for Biology Courses

Certain transfer courses may require subject matter review by the appropriate academic department.  This is due to the intensive nature of certain subject matter. Courses that require department review for course equivalency include BIOL 145, 杂志146年, 和BIOL 261.  In order to request a department review of these courses completed at another institution, an individual must have already applied and been accepted to bbin信誉网站.

Transfer Credit 部门 Review Request (PDF)


If you plan to transfer to a four-year institution, you can earn an 文科副学士 or 理学副学士 degree.

程序名 Code 学分 类别 部门 关键字
程序名 Code 学分 类别 部门 关键字
理学副学士 1645 作为学位 60 农业Art, Design and Performing Arts业务, Computer and 工程 Technology英语,阅读 & 沟通ESL, Languages, Humanities, Philosophy & 演讲卫生与公共服务部数学自然科学 & 工程心理学与社会学社会科学
文科副学士 1145 AA程度 60 农业Art, Design and Performing Arts业务, Computer and 工程 Technology英语,阅读 & 沟通ESL, Languages, Humanities, Philosophy & 演讲卫生与公共服务部数学自然科学 & 工程心理学与社会学社会科学
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